Two New Yorkers Voted Taylor Swift for Governor

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Taylor Swift
Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

‘Welcome to New York,’ Taylor Swift — where our citizens will vote for you for governor!

When New York City residents wrote in to cast their votes for governor, some people decided to have a little fun with the process. Instead of casting a vote for contenders Andrew Cuomo or Rob Astorino, two people thought that T. Swift would make the best choice, Bloomberg reports.

Considering many New Yorkers were not happy with the city’s decision to make Taylor the Welcome Ambassador for Tourism (like the vintage store who created a R.I.P. Taylor Swift mural), we’re pretty pleased with the fact that two people actually voted for her for governor — it’s kinda badass. And after Billy Joel’s staunch defense of the singer, we’re left wondering if one of those votes happened to be his. Can you imagine?

In addition to Taylor Swift, other funny New Yorkers voted for Derek Jeter, Sylvester Stallone, Franklin Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt and Pope Francis for governor.

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