Taylor Swift Still Sends Personalized Thank-You Notes to Radio DJs

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You know how you’re supposed to send a thank-you note immediately following an interview, in order to let the company know how desperately you want the job? Sometimes you intentionally self-sabotage, and claim you didn’t send one because you just couldn’t find the time. But that excuse is officially less credible than Miss Cleo, because incredibly-famous and busy pop star Taylor Swift still finds time to write and mail notes to radio DJs and fans alike.

It’s something she’s been doing since the beginning of her career, but photo evidence that recently popped up online indicates she’s still at it. KISS Cleveland host “Java” Joel Murphy posted a Polaroid and a personalized, hand-written note Taylor sent him after the two met backstage at one of her shows. Things like this remind us that Taylor Swift is better at being famous than most celebrities, and perhaps better at life than any of us.

While the world was once very much divided on her, she used that whole Kanye thing to her advantage and fell into the role of America’s Sweetheart the way only a wholesome white girl could. Then, just when most people thought her 15-minutes of playing the victim were up, she flipped a switch on everyone and released a truly remarkable album, 2012’s Red. She of course followed that up with her magnum opus 1989, and in doing so, firmly cemented her status as one of the biggest stars on the planet. In other words, she doesn’t need to send thank-you notes to anyone — but she does it anyway.

People like to shame certain celebrities for meticulously crafting a public image, as though it’s crazy to want to control the way the world perceives you, especially when you’re afforded so little privacy. Is this whole thank-you-note-writing a calculated scheme so Taylor can maintain her carefully cultivated Nice Girl image? Our innate cynicism says, “possibly,” but we want to believe she’s just that thoughtful.

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