Taylor Swift May Have Attempted Some Katy Perry Shade Onstage

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The “Bad Blood” between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is perhaps the most drawn-out, vague feud in celebrity history. No one’s all that sure of what really started it (stolen backup dancers? Is that seriously all there is to it?), but at this rate it’s all so tired and stale that we’d be okay with the two of them staging some sort of public apology to one another and letting it go, just to save face. Say sorry just for show, right?

But for now, the saga continues, whether inadvertently or not. During a stop in Foxborough, Mass., this past weekend on her 1989 World Tour, Taylor supposedly hit back at Katy (again) by laughing when a backup dancer brought out a stuffed shark during Taylor’s “Bad Blood” sequence. The video above is so grainy and unclear that we never would’ve discerned it was a shark at all, were it not for the countless tweets from concert-goers impressed with this supposed, subtle jab at Taylor’s rumored nemesis.

Nothing much happens. The shark is there for a second, Taylor laughs, it’s gone, that’s it. And to be fair, that specific backup dancer does something new each night to try and get Taylor to laugh during this segment of her show, so maybe he felt a need to escalate things to a new level of pettiness. Or maybe he didn’t think twice about the way the media might interpret a reference to an animal now closely associated with the “Teenage Dream” singer. Perhaps he’s barred from Internet service, and doesn’t know about Katy subtweeting Taylor recently, and has no idea what he’s done.

What do you guys think? Was this a pre-planned, calculated move on Taylor’s part to hit back at Katy in the most juvenile way possible? Are famous people perpetually trapped in high school? Or do you think she had no idea, and that backup dancer’s job is in jeopardy? Do you think Katy even cares about any of this anymore?

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