Hey, Here’s A Tree-Sized Rendering Of Taylor Swift’s Face Made Out Of LEGOs

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If you thought construction of the pyramids was an impressive feat, you’ve yet to see Taylor Swift‘s face erected out of your favorite childhood toy.

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The 1989 singer, who sweeps up awards like she’s the head of a cleaning staff, found herself on the receiving end of a pretty prestigious honor yesterday (May 25) when visitors to Windsor, England’s LEGOLAND completed construction on a T. Swift portrait made entirely out of the playtime building blocks. Guess they can be used make more than naval bases and space ships!

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According to the Daily Mail, the portrait—which is 7.5 feet by 11.8 feet and comprised of more than 35,000 blocks—officially signified that Swift had won LEGOLAND’s ‘Celebrity Best Friend’ poll. The poll asked visitors to vote for their ideal celeb BFF and pitted T. Swift against the likes of Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora and Ella Henderson.

Guests then had the opportunity to construct the piece themselves, and (under the supervision of professional LEGO model-makers) jigsaw its 140 sections together.

Taylor Swift’s giant LEGO face will be available for viewing by the public at the park until May 31.

“We wanted to celebrate the opening of our new LEGO Friends area in a big way and this giant mosaic certainly does that,” company spokeswoman Lauren Moss told the Mail.

Whaddya think—have you found your foyer’s newest and most necessary statement piece? Be sure to check it out for yourself if you’re planning to cross the pond within the next week!

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