Taylor Swift + Lorde Were Attacked by Squirrels

by | PopCrush

In a recent interview, Lorde confessed some bizarre news: She and Taylor Swift were attacked by squirrels!

Yes, you read that correctly. As you may recall, last November the two singers were spotted lunching at Shake Shack in New York City. Although it seemed like an adorable (and delicious) outing, Lorde told ZMTV that the lunch date wasn’t quite as picturesque as it seemed.

We’ll let her explain in her own words:

“We got attacked by squirrels, actually,” Lorde said, “And in an insane way. The most fearless squirrels I’ve ever seen. They were like on our bodies, eating our food. It was terrifying.”

While we were entranced watching Lorde talking about the unexpected squirrel attack, she also discussed the surprising celeb that’s a fan of her music and whether she’s made an extravagant purchase.

Check out Lorde discussing all of the nuttiness (sorry, we couldn’t resist) in the video above.

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