Taylor Swift Has Been Secretly Commenting on Fans’ Instagram Pictures For Months [PHOTOS]

by | PopCrush
Andreas Rentz, Getty Images

Sneaky Swift! Taylor Swift has been secretly commenting on fans’ Instagram pictures for months, sometimes throwing out a hilarious one-liner and other times offering insightful, personal and heartfelt advice — kind of like a big sister, if your big sister happens to be an international superstar.

Since Taylor’s sincerity (and sense of humor) speaks for itself, we’re going to present her comments below without any of our own commentary. After all, it is her words that touch so many. And as we pointed out in our die-hard fan feature, the fan-artist relationship is one that goes both ways. While it is Taylor’s lyrics and music that make Swifties so passionate about her craft, it is the fans’ genuine appreciation that makes Taylor so passionate about her Swifties.

See Taylor Swift’s incredible Instagram comments below:




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