Taylor Swift Denies Having Any Beef With Selena Gomez

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Taylor Swift / Selena Gomez
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Swifties and Selenators can relax, because according to Taylor Swift, she and Selena Gomez are still BFFs.

While we’ve already learned plenty about Swift from her Rolling Stone interview, the magazine has also revealed a few new tidbits about the ‘Shake It Off’ singer that didn’t make it into the printed story.

For instance, she put an end to those pesky rumors that she and Gomez had become distant due to Gomez’s on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber.

“People think they have my relationships all mapped out,” she said. “There were all these blogs, like, ‘Are they feuding? Are they fighting?’ Meanwhile Selena and I would be on the phone that night, laughing about it. We let them have that one.”


That’s not to say, though, that she has never cut anyone out of her life before. Swift admitted to the magazine that once a relationship with a guy ends, she usually walks away without any more contact.

“Once you’ve established that someone doesn’t belong in your life, I don’t understand what more there is to talk about,” she explained. “I walk away from things when they’re bad. I don’t stick around to watch them burn to the ground.”

And while the singer turns 25 this December, she doesn’t mind that people see her acting a little young for her age.

“I think you have to do things that make you geek out like you’re a kid again, or else you just become one of these 45-year-old 24-year-olds,” she said. “That’s why I dance like I’m having fun at awards shows, even though no one else is. Because being cool usually means being bored by everything. And I’m not bored by any of this.”

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