Taylor Swift Shares ‘Shake It Off’ Ballerina Outtakes [VIDEO]

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Bad news: We still have more than a month until Taylor Swift releases ‘1989.’ Good news: We can pass the time by watching another set of outtakes from her ‘Shake It Off’ video!

One of the most elegant elements of the video is the ballet-inspired dance scene. Although Taylor is an adorably klutzy ballerina, the Black Swan-esque costumes and graceful dancing were still breathtaking. (Apparently, she agrees with us. Taylor confessed it’s her favorite costume from the shoot!)

Swifties who have seen the video once (or a gazillion times) know that the theme of the visual is that although Taylor doesn’t fit in with any of the dance scenes, she embraces her self-confidence and, well, shakes it off. The ballet scene was no exception.

“I’m essentially doing all of the worst mom and dad dance moves you’d ever think of in the midst of these incredibly disciplined, beautiful, sophisticated creatures,” Taylor explained, adding, “It’s heaven.”

Because she’s a total pro, Taylor nails the essence of the scene — and looks good doing it! Watch the ballet outtakes from ‘Shake It Off’ in the video above.

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