Taylor Swift’s Eight-Second White Noise Song Shoots to No. 1

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Taylor Swift
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Undeniable proof that Swifties go hard: An eight-second track from Taylor Swift‘s upcoming ‘1989’ that contains nothing but static was accidentally released on iTunes yesterday — and it quickly hit No. 1 on Canadian iTunes.

Here’s how it went down: Last night (Oct. 21), as soon as Swifties realized that ‘Track 3′ was available for purchase, they immediately began freaking out and downloading the track — regardless of the fact that it was just eight seconds of white noise and the release was apparently the result of an iTunes glitch.

According to CBC News, the track quickly rose to the top of the charts on Canadian iTunes, though it is no longer available for purchase. Of course, only Taylor Swift could release an eight-second track of nothing and have hit shoot straight to No. 1.

Fear not, Swifties: In just five days, we’ll know the real ‘Track 3′ — and until then, we’ll just sit here jamming to ‘Shake It Off,’ ‘Out of the Woods’ and ‘Welcome to New York.’

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