Taylor Swift’s Light Show Literally Saved Lives

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Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift‘s music has undoubtedly helped countless fans get through some tough times in their lives. And we get it — sometimes a song or an album or even just a lyric touches you so deeply that it alters your perspective on things, offers you a newfound appreciation for life, and maybe even gives you a reason to keep on keepin’ on. But Taylor has now been credited with literally saving someone’s life, via the wristbands from her light show.

According to WBRZ, Elizabeth Dazzio believes Taylor inadvertently saved her from a dark fate following a car accident last Friday. Elizabeth was driving her sister, Caroline, and their friend home after Taylor’s 1989 concert when Elizabeth says she fell asleep at the wheel and crashed the car near a highway exit. Elizabeth was immediately rendered unconscious while Caroline and her friend found themselves trapped inside the car.

Caroline said, “You could smell the gas and smoke. I was just thinking we need to get out of this car.” Two out of the three phones in the car were dead and they were unable to locate the third phone. No one pulled over to help despite the obvious wreckage, so the girls decided to use their bracelets from the show — which light up in synchronization with music, similar to Coldplay’s light show — as makeshift flares in an attempt to get someone to stop.

A woman saw the lights going off in the car and pulled over, sensing there were people trapped inside. She and a man managed to pull all three girls from the crash while they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Taylor heard about the accident and tweeted about it earlier today, writing, “This is unreal. I’m so happy they’re okay.” There truly is nothing Taylor Swift can’t do.

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