Tegan and Sara + The Lonely Island Perform ‘Everything Is Awesome’ at the 2015 Oscars [VIDEO]

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If you were afraid that the 2015 Oscars performances were going to be dull and totally catering to an older crowd, all you had to do was watch the performance of “Everything Is Awesome” by Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island and you’ll realize you had absolutely nothing to fear.

The song comes from The Lego Movie and is one of the tracks nominated for Best Song. We’re totally obsessed with the ironic, sarcastic nature of the lyrics, but even better is how completely over-the-top the Oscars performance turned out to be. It was equal parts totally absurd and outrageously, laugh-out-loud funny. There were little Oscar statues made out of Legos, Questlove, Batman, construction workers, a boatload of confetti — just to name a few surprises we got out of the performance.

In other words? It was a total mishmash of everything colorful and bright and childlike — which makes sense when you consider the movie the song came from. For a second, we completely forgot we were watching an awards show sometimes known for being a bit stuffy and not quite as kid-friendly, so kudos to the Oscars for really trying to bring in a younger demographic. We don’t want to go the cliche route and say the performance was “awesome” because how lame would that be, but, let’s be real — it totally was. Even Oprah agrees, look!

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