Watch the Vamps Rock ‘Somebody to You’ on ‘TODAY’ [VIDEO]

by | PopCrush

The Vamps gave it their all on their ‘TODAY’ performance in NYC this morning (July 24), channeling all of their energy into their hit ‘Somebody to You’.

While this performance was sans Demi Lovato (who sings and co-stars in the music vid), Brad, Tristan, James and Connor seriously rocked it out as the entire audience sang along to every word. It’s clear to see that the band’s energy is insanely infectious — as the guys rocked even harder, so did the fans, belting out every single lyric with some serious passion.

We can’t get enough of the track ourselves, but it’s a whole other thing when the band performs it live, as they really kick it into high gear, feeding off of the adrenaline and the fan frenzy. We’re totally obsessed!

Check out the Vamps’ performance of ‘Somebody to You’ in the video above.

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