Throwback Thursday: See Photos Shared by Katy Perry, the Vamps + More

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Katy Perry, Brad Simpson of the Vamps, Nick Jonas
Frazer Harrison / Tim P. Whitby / Michael Buckner, Getty Images

Thursdays are a time for us to immerse ourselves in nostalgia. From grainy childhood pics, to vacation snapshots from just last week, Throwback Thursday is about digging through photo albums (physical and digital) and whipping out those old memories!

Celebrities joined the fun, posting some of their own #TBT photos that are too good not to be shared. Check out the best celeb throwbacks from this week!

The Vamps didn’t post this on Thursday, but it’s definitely a throwback! Look at how little Brad and Tristan look!

Speaking of little, Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez are lookin’ pretty young in this way-back, too!

Tiny Emblem3! Too cute!

14- or 15-year-old Katy Perry already knew she’d be a star someday!

Charli XCX is throwing it back to some old karaoke fun this week.

Khloe Kardashian is reminiscing on the time she threw an anti-Valentine’s Day party.

Emmy Rossum brought out a photo from last year’s 4th of July to celebrate both #TBT and Independence Day.

Kim Kardashian shared this oldie but goodie — her lounging on her old car, a white Range Rover with pink detailing. (That pink jumpsuit is so early 2000s.)

Aw, Ludacris is remembering his late friend Paul Walker in this old photo.

Nina Dobrev was just in New York two weeks ago, but it feels like a lifetime to her!

Flashback to when Gavin Degraw opened for Billy Joel at Fenway Park.

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