Hello + Goodbye: Do You Know The First + Last Things These TV Characters Said?

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So maybe you’ve got your very own table reserved at Central Perk, and perhaps the East Dillon Lions’ playbook is etched into your memory, but would you venture to say you’re completely fluent in TV-nostalgia?

While polished sets, outlandish costumes and sought-after guest stars are some of a show’s fun, dialogue — in the realm of TV — is king. Words carve out a smart aleck’s sense of humor, implicate the guilty in dramatic fashion and chronicle some of life’s most momentous occasions (“I’m pregnant!” “Will you marry me?” “Tie your tubes, idiot.”). In short, sometimes telling is better than showing.

Before networks, cable stations and streaming services debut a whole new host of stories this fall, we’re taking a look back at some of TV’s greatest heroes and heroines and asking if you can remember some of their most potent quotables—more specifically, their introductions and farewells. What did Rachel Green pronounce as she barreled into that famous Greenwich Village coffee shop in 1994? What was Lorelai Gilmore’s enduring sentiment as she finally sent her daughter, Rory, off into the real world? If you’re a true fan of television, it’s time to test your wit.

See if you can nail down the very first and very last things 10 recently beloved TV characters said in the quiz below, and tell us if there are any bits of conversation that really tripped you up!

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