What’s the Song in Zach Braff’s ‘Wish I Was Here’ Trailer? [VIDEO]

by | PopCrush

The trailer for the Zach Braff-directed film ‘Wish I Was Here’ has arrived, and it is already going viral. The teaser video features a series of pieced together clips from the upcoming comedy-drama movie, which stars Braff as a father, husband and struggling actor trying to find the purpose of his life. As he battles drastic life events like his father’s ill health, he somehow remains positive and optimistic — a theme reflected in the trailer’s upbeat background music. What’s the song?

The happy song is ‘Simple Song’ by the Shins. (If you’re a ‘How I Met Your Mother’ fanatic, you might recognize it as the song playing in the background when the titular Mother was revealed in the series’ eighth season finale.) The song appears on the indie band’s fourth studio album, ‘Port of Morrow,’ and was written by frontman Jesse Mercer, in part, about his marriage and the birth of his first child. The tune is all about confiding secrets to the ones you love and watching fears melt away — a perfectly fitting sentiment for the movie’s plot.

In addition to Zach Braff, the trailer features some familiar faces: Mandy Patinkin, Kate Hudson, Joey King (who played Ramona to Selena Gomez‘s Beezus in ‘Ramona and Beezus’), ‘Big Bang Theory’ actor Jim Parsons and even Braff’s ‘Scrubs’ co-star and real-life bestie Donald Faison. Notably, the movie also stars Ashley Greene and James Avery, who is best remembered as Uncle Phil from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ ‘Wish I Was Here’ was Avery’s final role before he passed away.

Watch the trailer — and enjoy the song — above.

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