Zayn Malik’s Instagram Is Now Open to Adoring Public [PHOTOS]

by | PopCrush
Zayn Malik

This is a public service announcement: Zayn Malik’s Instagram is now public.

For you Directioners who haven’t already heard the news and flocked to add the One Direction member on Insta, we’re here to let you know that Zayn, who until today has largely kept his account on lock, is now allowing us mere mortals access to his photos.

The boy band member joined Instagram nearly two years ago, but kept so quiet about his account that it didn’t cross fans’ radars until earlier this year. As soon as it did and his follower count started ticking rapidly upwards, he made his account private. Bummer! It was up to the few who followed him within that small window to update the rest of us on what he was posting. (And thanks to Twitter and Tumblr, that happened pretty easily.)

Those select updaters are no longer needed now! Today (July 15), for the first time since his account was largely discovered, the IG user ‘niazkilam’ (which spells Zain Malik backwards [Zain is the legal spelling of his first name]) is open to the public and available to scroll through to your heart’s content.

Now we can admire Zayn’s numerous selfies in all their glory. And goodness, are they glorious.

The tats. Those rings. His eyes! Heavenly.

Aw, little Zayn and his dad! Adorable photo.

Cutest ever! The cat is okay, too.

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