Zayn Malik Twitter Death Hoax – Fans React

by | PopCrush
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

One Direction fans around the world were thrust into a panic when #RipZaynMalik became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter today, March 31. (We admit: The sight of the hashtag freaked us out for a second, too.) But don’t worry, Directioners: Zayn is reportedly alive and, as far as we know, perfectly healthy — this was just another Twitter death hoax, conveniently on the eve of April Fools’ Day. While we don’t know how the trend started or who started it, fans have had a range of reactions about the hoax on Twitter. Directioners have tweeted everything from furious anger to sadness — and even some hilarious one-liners.

Check out the responses below, and PopCrushers + Directioners, tell us: What do you think about the Zayn Malik death hoax?

There are some fans who believed the hoax, writing:

Others who perpetuated it:

Some fans just got angry:

Others just got angry at Directioners:

And lastly, some took the whole thing in stride: