Normal 22-Year-Old Zayn Malik Sits Front Row at Valentino Fashion Show, Flaunts Sisqo-Esque Buzz Cut

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Zayn Malik, formerly the much-needed epicenter of hotness in the otherwise stale yet monolithic One Direction, is in desperate need of some outside counseling.

After experimenting with Manic Panic’s entire array of vegan hair dyes, it seems he’s settled on unleashing his inner Sisqo with a white-blonde buzz cut. We wonder why. It seems as though he misses the early ’00s with a desperate fervor, even though he was barely a fully formed human at that point in his life.

Zayn was spotted sitting front row at a Valentino fashion show today (June 24), demonstrating his best effort to live his life like any normal 22-year-old would. His hair remains blond and buzzed (for whatever reason), and while his face stays perfectly symmetrical, we hope he’s still on good terms with One Direction’s stylist Caroline Watson, the only person on the planet who could probably convince him to grow his hair long again.

Actually, we wonder if Zayn’s on good terms with anyone in One Direction at this point. After that public Twitter feud he got into with one-time buddy Louis Tomlinson, we’re not sure what to believe anymore. Despite the fact that Zayn left One Direction a full three months ago, it seems most fans are still stuck on the second stage of grief: anger. When old footage of him flashed across the stadium screens during a recent One Direction show in Cardifffans booed wildly. We understand: the wound is still a gaping hole that feels very much like betrayal. So let’s carve out that wound a little wider with some more solo Zayn info, shall we? (Sorry!)

Zayn’s cover of Rae Sremmurds’ “My Type” leaked online last week, and while it’s clear the recording was super casual and breezy, Hollywood Life claims he might have filmed a secret solo video to go along with the track while he was still actively with One Direction.

To be fair, it wouldn’t be the first time a member recorded outside of the group. Remember that terrible solo song Harry recorded a few years ago?

Two rappers from the UK named Krept & Konan say they collaborated with Zayn for their upcoming debut album. They also say they filmed part of the aforementioned music video with Zayn, but maintain that it was never finished, and that it wasn’t all that serious, anyway. Maybe it was similar in quality to Zayn’s Taylor Swift cover or those lip-sync videos he made with his friends?

If anyone wants to send us a copy of the unfinished video, we promise we’ll make a proper assessment.

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